Dispatcher.NET Released!

The First Public Version Of Dispatcher.NET Has Been Released! Create an account now to download!

About Dispatcher.NET

Dispatcher.NET is an External Dispatching software for Run8 Train Simulator V3. Dispatcher.NET is based off of Wabtec's ® Train Management and Dispatch System (TMDS). Dispatcher.NET will bring a new level of realism to the otherwise lacking dispatching features of Run8. With features such Track Authorities, Prototypical Signal and turnout logic, and much more!


Dispatcher.NET is pleased to offer a Dispatcher Screen for EVERY route *currently offered in Run8*. Dispatcher.NET will allow Run8 Players to take their dispatching expirence to the next level! Click to view information about the routes!

*As Of 12/16/2023*

Our Team

Meet The People Behind Dispatcher.NET

Jonah Arndt

Lead Developer

Braden Anderson

Lead Tester

Asa Wilcox

Community Manager

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