What is Dispatcher.NET?

Dispatcher.NET is an External Dispatching software for Run8 Train Simulator V3. Dispatcher.NET is based off of Wabtec's ® Train Management and Dispatch System (TMDS). Dispatcher.NET will bring a new level of realism to the otherwise lacking dispatching features of Run8. With features such as Route stacking, Track Authorities, Prototypical Signal and turnout logic, and much more! 
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Why Dispatcher.NET?

Dispatcher.NET gets it's name from Dispatcher - What you are when you are using the software! And, .NET - from the programming language it is written in (C#, .NET Framework). Run8 is also written using the .NET Framework, so no in-between program is required for Dispatcher.NET to communicate with Run8, resulting in greater performance and responsiveness.


Realistic Route Logic
Dispatcher Display Output
Track Authorities
Track Warrants (For non CTC Routes)
Track Warrants (For non CTC Routes)
Radio Communications (Run8 Chat)